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Rite in the Rain

Rite in the Rain Thin Blue Line All-Weather Notebook (3.25'' x 5.25'')

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The Thin Blue Line Notebook serves our community's men and women in uniform. Designed to meet strict requirements for evidence gathering, the Thin Blue Line Notebook is a professionals tool. It is fully weatherproof to save vital case notes from the elements and fits easily into any uniform pocket. It features permanent binding and numbered pages to prove sequence for valid testimony. A small evidence ruler on the back cover can act as a photo scale. If you work in law enforcement, this is the pad you'll want to have in your pocket when you have something important to note.

Evidence Rulers This professional's tool includes evidence rulers on the back cover that can act as a photo scale.

Durable Cover Flexible cover conforms to uniform pockets and protects your case notes from the elements – no worse for the wear

Defensible Meets strict requirements for valid testimony and evidence gathering. The permanent binding and numbered pages prove sequence.


  • MATERIAL: Field-Flex
  • REFERENCE: Imperial & metric evidence rulers, conversion table, map scale
  • STYLE: Perfect bound
  • PROPERTIES: Weatherproof glue
  • FINISH: Rounded corners
  • SHEET SIZE: 3.25" x 5"
  • PAGES: 112 pages / 56 sheets
  • WEIGHT: 20# Rite in the Rain
  • Pattern: Legal
  • PATTERN INK COLOUR: Blue & gray
  • Title: Yes
  • Reference: Phonic alphabet chart
  • Package size: 3.25" x 5" x .25"
  • Package weight: 15 lbs