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Ledlenser K6R Rechargeable Key Ring Lamp with Gift Box

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The compact Ledlenser K6R Rechargeable Key Ring Lamp delivers an impressive brightness of up to 400 lumens at the touch of a button and 10 hours battery life.

The flashlight is much brighter and more intuitive than many smartphone flashlight functions, and quickly and conveniently charges using a wireless integrated, fold-out USB-A interface. In addition, this sophisticated design is made of brushed aluminium, offers a red-light function and numerous other features, making it the perfect, powerful accessory for your keychain or backpack.

Features of Ledlenser K6R Rechargeable Key Ring Lamp

  • Powerful, compact keychain light with up to 400 lumens of light output
  • High-quality brushed aluminium housing with carabiner for easy attachment
  • Additional red light function
  • Easy and fast charging via foldout USB-A interface
  • Integrated battery and charge level indicator as well as practical transport lock to protect against unintentional switching on