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KeySmart Compact Key Holder Leather Edition Black

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KeySmart Leather uses premium synthetic leather to make your keys organized, compact and comfortable to carry.

  • Holds Up to 10 of Your Existing Keys
  • Add Awesome Tools
  • Eliminates key jingle
  • Save Pocket Space
  • Never Get Poked By Keys Again


  • SLIM DOWN YOUR KEYCHAIN - Keys don't have to be noisy, bulky and painful to carry.
  • PREMIUM SYNTHETIC LEATHER - Provides a solid grip and a smooth feel.
  • COMPACT DESIGN - Organizes your keys so that they fit neatly in your pocket.
    • Attach Your Car Key - Includes a loop ring to add car key fob.
    • Expandable - Holds up to 10 of your existing keys.
    • Easy to Assemble - Just use a penny to unscrew each side and add your keys.
  • CUSTOM WITH USEFUL ACCESSORIES - Turn your KeySmart Leather into a slick multi-tool by adding your favorite accessories like a bottle opener, pocket knife, screwdriver and USB drive.