The Ideal Retractable Keychain

Whether you are a business owner or a busy professional keeping your keys convenient is essential to operating efficiently. If you want to access your home, car, office, cabinet or any other secured area you need to always have your keys at hand. Storing them in your pocket can be uncomfortable, unsightly, unsafe, and you may end up wasting precious time as you fumble through your pockets. Using a retractable keychain is an easy way of keeping your keys secure and accessible whenever you need them.

At KEY-BAK you have a wide range to choose from; durable chrome plated designs to more modern and sleek designs that come with heavy-duty reels and extra-long chords to carry loads of keys without the risk of breaking. These heavy-duty retractable keychains are made from premium quality materials and assembled with superior workmanship to endure over a millions of pull without malfunction.

What do you look for when choosing a retractable keychain?

  • Quality - Ensure you only spend on a high-quality keychain to prevent frequent replacements.
  • Design - You will find both simple and sophisticated designs, but be sure to go for what appeals to your needs.
  • Comfort - A good retractable keychain will be comfortable to hold and easy to attach and detach from your belt or purse.

Just a Couple Keys? Try The Mini-Bak Retractable Keychain

This retractable keychain will keep your keys and mini tools handy for everyday use. This keychain has been tested to over one million pulls and is the hallmark of excellence in the small and retractable key chains category. It comes with a standard duty nylon cord that has a reach of 36’’ and a 2 oz. retraction force and easily carries up to 3 keys. The 24’’ heavy duty nylon cord variant carries up to 4 oz.

Have a Couple Keys and a Badge? The Sidekick Retractable Keychain & Badge Holder is for you

This heavy-duty keychain and badge holder consists of a tough molded polycarbonate case which makes it quite strong yet very light. It has a versatile reel that holds keys and other small items like ID badges and USB drives. You can conveniently clip this zinc alloy carabiner keychain to your bags, purses or belts; keeping it accessible yet secure.

Use a lot of keys to do your job? The Super48 Plus Heavy Duty Retractable Keychain is best for you

This model is more heavy duty than the Mini-Bak and Sidekick and includes a polycarbonate case and Kevlar cord. It offers more innovation and versatility. It features a unique ambidextrous ball-joint lock so that the reel can be attached to either hip, a larger clip designed to accommodate bigger belts and an integrated belt clip lock to easily convert the clip to a locked belt loop.

Retractable keychains are designed not just to keep keys safe, but to also avail innovation and versatility. Without them, life and work would be more difficult. They keep your keys safe, ensure you never misplace them as well as offer a host of features and applications. You will agree that’s it's always easier to spot a retractable keychain than a single key. They are also easier and more comfortable to hold.

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